Sharing Economy Panel Expert


Julia Caron

Julia Caron is a bilingual bundle of contradictions, endlessly enamoured by the radical potential of the Internet. She has called Quebec City home since 2008; it is only appropriate she ended up in one of the oldest cities in North America, given her affection for all things old. She works as a journalist for CBC Radio based in the province’s capital. You can find her spending far too much of her free time online, engaged in critical discussions about social justice and great art.

The rising of sharing economy Panel

Nov. 1st, 11:30 AM to 1 PM


Louise Guay

She is currently coordinating projects on the future of work, coworking space networks with Blockchain-based access, sustainable mobility, gamification and collaborative economy. She is also involved in the participatory urbanism area, the future of coöperative, and on-demand service development (Building as a service, School as a service, and City as a service).

A seasoned entrepreneur, she created “My Virtual Model”, an online 3D avatar used as your intelligent mirror. She explored virtual identity in her Ph.D. thesis, “The Pocket Museum”. She is on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google +.

Stephanie Guico

Throughout 2015-16, she worked alongside 29 New York organizations to build out the NYC Worker Cooperative Coalition, whilst studying scaling methodologies and undertaking business planning for one of the first cooperative platforms in the home services industry. Prior to consulting, she worked with Desjardins Cooperative Group in Quebec, where she played key roles amongst governance and marketing teams to break silos and increase equity.

She continues to work with one of the Group’s credit union through her role as ambassador of the Caisse d’économie solidaire’s Social Impact Investments, providing education and outreach to the public on this unique line of products. She joined the board of Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada in June 2016.



Simon Emmanuel Roux

Simon Emmanuel Roux is a social and technological project developer. He’s been building digital commons through non-profits and social business for the past ten years. He is the co-founder of Territoires cooperative and Manivelle inc which are building innovative digital cultural services. 

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