Video game industry

03 Nov 2016

Video game industry

November 3RD – 8:45 am to 12:30 pm

You will visit the Hub hosting many company and especially, Squeeze and cortex Média who will take the time to explain their company. The other visit is Le Camp.

Video game industry

8h45am to 12h30 pm

Experience the excitement of the video game industry in the St. Roch Hub, experience the adventure first hand visiting Squeeze, Cortex Média and  Le Camp.

Come discover how the City of Quebec brought together world renowned video game companies in trendy St. Roch making Quebec the epicentre of video gaming in Canada. According to its annual report, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada affirms that the industry employs 20 400 people across the country, with an average salary of $71 300. Quebec accounts for 10 850 jobs and 1,14 billion dollars is spent annually, Quebec is followed by BC and Ontario. In all $ 2.36 billion was spent on Canadian productions in 2014, according to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada

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Born from the desire to offer very high-quality animation services to video game and film producers, Squeeze specializes in world-class 3D character animation. With a strong dedication to excellence, the company participates in the projects of the most prestigious partners, while developing its own original productions. Squeeze also gets involved in research and development, and in the training of the best talents, notably with its intensive mentoring program “Les Popettes”.

During your visit, discover a fun work environment, a very creative team, and a bunch of amazing 3D animated projects!


Established in Quebec City, Cortex has been specialized in new digital technologies since 2009.

Counting on the expertise of 30 versatile specialists, the Cortex team is proud to innovate and develop a variety of interactive products. Renowned, for its creative approach, Cortex never holds itself back, Websites, apps, mobile games, virtual reality are just a few of the examples developed between the walls of Cortex.

The common thread of all these projects? Innovation and the desire to simplify everyday life through the develop of new technology. Check out our web site to discover more.


Le Camp is a business incubator and accelerator whose only goal is to make you thrive!
To reach this goal, our team offers a variety of mentorship programs and organizes activities and events to support the growth of innovative technology businesses.
By fostering networking between its members and strategic partners, LE CAMP actively encourages Québec’s entire entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish.

On Nov 3rd, we will give you a tour of LE CAMP, explain more in details what we offer to high growth potential startups and talk about our international partnerships. And we have great tea and coffee to help you fight the jetlag!

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