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Giving back to society is an act of selflessness.

Quebec Humanitarian Charity Organization

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We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpless

Giving back to society is an act of selflessness. It doesn’t mean the donors have a lot, but the little they can spare, they pull together to help someone in one way or the other. There are different charity organizations in Quebec.

The Eastern Canadian country hosts several humanitarian organizations with a presence across the globe. They fill the gap that the state can’t. The humanitarian crisis is a challenge worldwide irrespective of the continent or country’s economic condition or shape. The government plays their part, but individual fails in but all in all, the charity organization offers their support in material form. What is the role of a charity organization?

The win-win deal between beneficiaries and organization enhances economic development among the people of Quebec. For example, the homeless have a roof over their head, thanks to charity organizations’ homes for charity funds.

The street families enjoy their daily bread from the same kitty. Empowerment programs form

Our Causes

How they help the people of Quebec

Our mandate is to ensure people get out of their uncomfortable zones. Whether it’s by choice or by default, we maintain equality among the Quebec communities. We bridge the gap between the rich and the poor to reduce social vices due to this menace. What is the benefit?

Improves standards of living

In our empowerment programs, we widen one’s mind to think of survival ways to reduce poverty levels.

We go a step further to fund sustainable income-generating activities to improve their livelihoods and living standards as a whole.

We keep the government of the day on our toes.

You can only pinpoint state areas of weakness when you have a watchdog who advocates, monitors, and handle the matters at hand. That’s the power of non-profit making organizations.

charitable organization equips recipients with the right skills to promote self-development.

Increased literacy levels

Street children lack the chance to go to school. That means their literacy level is at stake. The rehabilitation of street children program aims at providing them with an opportunity to access basic education. As long as a country has access to education, you have a greater chance of having an informed population, which helps make decision-making in a country ideal for policymakers.

Promotes access to high-end health care service

Free medical camps aim to reduce the mortality rate and increase the level of production. In any nation, you need a healthy nation to run your programs with ease.

How can you talk of a 24-hour economy when your population cannot sustain the pressures that come with such a kind of economy. We keep minor illnesses at bay and strive to focus on what is necessary for the citizens.

Promotes equal resource mobilization

The distribution of resources is never the same; some areas are endowed with natural resources while others are not. However, how best can you also use the available resources to improve your way of life?

We give guides, tips, and tricks on the best way to utilize the available resources for future generations.

We do this through training, capacity-building programs, and seminars to equip communities with skills relevant to the initiatives.

Our Fun Fact

Volunteer in children's homes and partner organizations

We have no vote head for employing permanently, but we welcome volunteers to extend a helping hand in partner organizations through skills dissemination. We provide a stipend to sustain them.

We also have another arm of research in line with our organizational objectives, and these also include intern opportunities. That is how we ensure everyone gets involved, either as a donor or as a volunteer.


Different programs and charities of the organization

Health programs

We liaise with health professional s to offer free medical camps for minor and major ailments for follow-up.

We want to have a healthy nation. Most of the target audience has minimal access to health insurance, making them prone to poor health facilities access.

Our duty under the health program is to ensure they have adequate health service and follow up for major health concerns.

Build a home

The homeless are a menace in this country. Therefore, the build-a-home initiative provides a long-term solution to the homeless to have a roof over their head and continue with everyday lives.

We call well-wishers and donors to support either financially or in-kind. We consolidate all the donations and embark on giving them decent homes to promote their livelihoods.

Street family food distribution

We ensure street families afford three meals a day. Most of them are children who have no control over what happens in their lives. Before we embark on counseling, we ensure they are well fed and comfortable.

That is one of our objectives. In that case, we offer counseling services to get to the joist of their current predicament reasons. We have managed to reunite some with their parent through this, and others referred to a children’s home for a permanent solution.

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