Top 5 Trip Destination in Quebec

Quebec is a province in eastern Canada. Quebec City, the capital of Quebec, was founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 as “Ville-Marie.” This city is famous for its French colonial architecture and narrow streets. Montreal is known as the cultural capital of Canada because it’s home to many museums, theaters, and libraries. For those […]

Online Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits: Why a Website Matters

The most challenging part about running a nonprofit is sourcing for funds. Most of the day-to-day activities of a charity are geared towards finding more donors in a bid to fund pending projects. Online fundraising can help you reach a wider audience base and offer your organization new ways of sourcing for funds. Below are […]

6 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organisations Need Automation Solutions to Drive their Agenda

Convincing people to contribute either financially or physically to humanitarian work requires a lot of effort. It’s among the many challenges non-profit-making organizations have to deal with all the time. As much their services are not for profit, in one way or another, there is the business aspect involved in their operations. It could be Management of […]

5 Volunteering Pathways to Consider for Your Next Nonprofit Project

The primary objective of any nonprofit project is simple; to identify the needs of a specific group of people in the community, and fulfill those needs. To achieve this aim, the organizers of the project have to meet specific strategic, financial, operational, and partnership goals. The first place to begin with your organization is to […]

Benefits of Having Public Shower Rooms in the City

There are times when the temperatures are so high you just wish you could dash to a nearby shower room for a cold shower or hot shower whichever is preferable at that time. A public shower room is not a new idea to most city dwellers. It has been in existence for quite some time. […]

Toilet Features For Home For The Aged

At some time, the aged and elderly today where vibrant members of the society, who fought and won wars for the country, contributed to the vibrancy of the economy and served in civil service. Certainly, everyone, will one day grow old and it is important that we join in the advocacy to give proper care […]

Table Tennis As A Team Building Activity For Nonprofit Organizations

All along the journey of building up this article am going to take you through a number of definition of terms that I see so much important for you to grok before anything else, so stay put and read along… Before anything else what is team building? well, this simply means a systematic way of […]

Sauna Uses Tankless Water Heater in the City

Living in a promising and big city means a lot to someone. Hard work and dedication is required in order to sustain the high living standards which is a common phenomenon in this fast-moving decision-making environment. Many of the people staying in big cities are regarded as very busy people although in some circumstances, it […]

Québec City Ping Pong Club

Four years ago Ping Pong club was opened at the corner of St. Laurent and Bernard in Montreal, Quebec and has proven throughout the years that it is a fun and popular joint. Its name is derived mainly from Ping Pong which is played inside the club by revelers. The club has been exquisitely made […]