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Quebec, Canada

Québec City Ping Pong Club

Four years ago Ping Pong club was opened at the corner of St. Laurent and Bernard in Montreal, Quebec and has proven throughout the years that it is a fun and popular joint. Its name is derived mainly from Ping Pong which is played inside the club by revelers. The club has been exquisitely made especially its interior which consists of sleek white booths, long wooden tables and of course a couple of ping pong tables. The menu includes a variety of dishes ranging from traditional French to Mexican cuisines among other delicious meals. For snack lovers, there are plenty of cheese balls that you can chew with regularly specials chef’s soups.

The menu is dynamic as are the foods served in Quebec City Ping Pong club as per their mission of satisfying every customer’s taste. They also added brunch a while ago meaning there is something to bite at any time of the day. A variety of drinks are also available at Ping Pong club; the drinks served are not limited to beer and cocktails but also freshly blended fruit juices and milkshakes of a different variety. You can sip your drinks while watching soccer or football or hockey at Ping Pong because their fully equipped TV projectors give you an excellent view.

After 10 pm the place buzzes with party tunes that rock people until late at night. For a chance to play a game you have to liaise with the relevant authorities at the club because a lot of people line up for a chance to play. The place is modest-sized meaning only one table can fit without congestion. The club mostly attracts middle-aged people, but that does not mean the elderly are not present. Everyone is welcomed at the crowd. Food and drinks prices are not low and also not expensive, they are affordable and reasonable.

The club also operates on the standard time set for clubs from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. from Monday to Sunday, but they change most of the times to accommodate customers who have made long journeys. The club is the best place for a get together because the fun and games make it more interesting. Though a lot of nights start at a slow speed, it eventually gets frantic as more customers enter. However, Montreal Ping Pong club has shortcomings which they strive to tackle. A lot of customers complain about the quality and quantity of the food, but that is only a fraction of the majority and Ping-Pong club management work tirelessly to improve those sectors.

Overall, Quebec Ping Pong club is a decent place to hang out mainly with friends and family. Though the ping pong table has stiff competition unit for playing times, it is always there if you fancy a game or two. If you also want to have foods from outside, there is a terrace that makes that possible. The popularity of the club has grown significantly throughout the years evident by the number of people who visit the club regularly. I would like to see them improve on some of their services but most importantly increase the size of the joint so that they can increase their fun activities. Québec Ping Pong club is an excellent joint that has fun activities and nice food that will give you sweet memories to cherish.