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Table Tennis As A Team Building Activity For Nonprofit Organizations

All along the journey of building up this article am going to take you through a number of definition of terms that I see so much important for you to grok before anything else, so stay put and read along…

Before anything else what is team building? well, this simply means a systematic way of handling of each could be task or work in an organization through a comprehensive plan and a well set out guidelines for a set period of a given timeline. Now that this is clear to you lets have a look at the other two definitions of terms. Table tennis can be defined as an indoor game that is set and played using hand-bats by keeping the ball bouncing on the table that is partitioned using a net. Yes, we are almost there and lots of apologies if you are finding this strange! But for uniqueness purposes lets also say something about what non profit organization means. This definition is based on the activities that revolve around the subject. It can be defined as an entity that has the responsibility of delivering a certain societal cause by spearheading an already know point of view.

Table Tennis as a team building Activity.

This kind of gaming activity is one of the finest activities that can be relied upon to enhance the required team building for any organization or institution. By nature, the sport and all the rules and guidelines set can be the best conditions that a team working together in an organization can be subjected to for positive results going forward. For instance, assuming that according to gaming restrains, every member of the team that has picked up this sport as their team building activity have to be subjected to everyone in the group at least catching the ping pong ball in a given cup session. Moving forward, every member has to catch the ball only after it has hit the table once and after many rounds, the game will be concluded immediately after all the setout rules are perfectly adhered to by each member. I hope you now understand why table tennis can help build better teams. Continue reading…

Team building for non profit organization.

Though nonprofit as the name may suggest this kind of organizations experience the same hurdles and challenges that other organizations that their goals are shareholders value maximization face. To begin with, for the effective dispensation of their duties and responsibilities, the workers have to be well versed with one another’s strength and weaknesses. They should be able to know who is perfectly placed to do what and why? who can learn fast and so forth? This whole thing brings as to why teamwork will be very integral in this kind of organization because apart from value maximization that is popular with profit-centered organizations, they too have their own unique value to maximize on.

Table tennis as a team building activity for nonprofit organizations (NPOs).

To this end now we come to the place you have so much been eager to see me write on! Looking at how the aforementioned aspects are outlined and explained, I am more than confident that you can easily join table tennis as a team building activity to how it can best suit a nonprofit organization. As evidence as it seems, apart from offering a responsibility sense and the maximum level of concentration just to mention but a few, playing the game can be a great bonding activity. Now the question is how? We all know that in gaming set up, all the defined rules, regulations and guidelines promote a certain type of discipline and a unique way of doing things amongst the players involved. Now can you imagine that you are one of the nonprofit organization staffers or the head of the team for that matter, how do you think this kind of rigorous type of retreat can positively impact and shape the whole team for the better delivery of the services that they are called upon. Think with me that, if every member has to strictly catch the ball after it bounces once on the table in a given cup session then it goes without saying that after all the team building exercise; teamwork, to enhance working together as a better organization, great bonding and finally build up of better teams will be an achievement that I can guarantee you.